Business today has access to vast amounts of data from large analyticsdisparate sources that can be used to assist executives formulate informed, educated decisions. The key to successful decision making is to leverage such data to actually solve complex business problems. The challenge in leveraging this data is to determine how to best get the greatest insights.

Business is quickly learning that the roadmap to successful decisions is embedded in machine and deep learning. Educated leaders are now investing in these cutting edge technologies and methodologies to ensure the future growth and success of their organizations. Knowledge and information will always be king!

At airisDATA, we are already solving the complex business problems that challenge our clients using the latest in machine learning tools that operate at the scale of business. We demonstrate how to efficiently perform at scale by running our algorithms across multi-node clusters utilizing Spark, MLLib and H2O and developing in Scala, Python and Java.

Our process always begins by fully understanding the business challenge and focusing on the data requirements and necessary business rules. Then, utilizing our analytical framework and iterative, agile methodology, we design a data science solution that brings all of the critical components of a progressive analytic solution together. Incorporating cutting edge machine learning techniques and utilizing scalable real-time processing architectures, we deliver a solutions that provide continuous learning leading to the discovery of new insights, application features and data sources.

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