As applications continue to evolve, the demand for greater computing power and its availability to provide users with immediate service is continually being challenged. Today’s applications require continuous improvement of computing resources (disk space, processing power, memory). Although supercomputers have been able to provide high performance, they are expensive to buy, expensive to run and difficult to upgrade. More importantly they cannot quickly and easily scale. A natural next generation solution to improving the processing power and memory is to synchronize multiple processors together to work jointly on a single task. Enter cluster computing.

Cluster Computing supports High Performance Distributed Computing environments applying parallel and/or distributed computing techniques to solve computationally intensive applications across networks of computers. At airisDATA, we apply the knowledge learned over years of focused cluster building in real-world Fortune 500 clients, startups, sandboxes and our in-house advanced lab cluster, “Organon”.  Our staff comprises decades of experience utilizing the latest tools and techniques to optimize investments.   We focus on building and optimizing resources via best practices in design, architecture, setup and configuration of all the assets in your cluster. We work closely with Hortonworks, Cloudera and Databricks to ensure you are running securely and at scale with a minimum investment in resources.   We ensure efficient utilization of existing assets, while growing new advanced analytic services.

At airisDATA, we employ the best of breed in open source supported big data software, servers, libraries and platforms.  Our Data Scientists apply the latest machine learning algorithms to solve real world problems. We accelerate data pipelines and solve business problems incorporating streaming, batch, machine learning and graph processing solutions.

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