Graph analysis has gained a well-deserved reputation for success in the area of data discovery and in helping uncover insights and making sense of vast unstructured datasets. Unlike relational analytics which traditionally compares one-to-one or one-to-many relations, graph analytics allows us to compare many-to-many relationships. It provides a better understanding of complex relationships that are not obvious or intuitive.

As more datasets become available to analyze business challenges, patterns previously unrealized begin to emerge providing a more complete picture of how things interact and affect the business. Graph analytics can now demonstrate how relationships from various data streams and sources such as social media, CRM and ERP come together to provide insights never understood or recognized. These insights can lead to new operational insights, new customers and new products.

At airisDATA, we provide the Spark graph analysis and machine learning expertise that allows for the exploration of complex relationships and an easier way to unify diverse datasets.

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