Our focus is on building and optimizing your resources via best practices in design, architecture, setup and configuration of all the assets in your cluster.   We work closely with Hortonworks, Cloudera and Databricks to ensure you are running securely and at scale at the minimum resource outlay.   We will ensure you are best utilizing your existing assets, while growing new advanced analytics services.


We utilize the best of breed of open source supported Big data software, servers, libraries and platforms.   We accelerate your data pipelines with Apache Spark, Apache Sqoop, Apache Kafka, Apache Flume, Spring XD, CDAP, Apache NIFI,H2O, Titan, Cassandra, Kafka, Neo4J, Cassandra, Zookeeper and other big data tools.    We are certified, trained and experienced with all the tools of your platform and beyond.   We are knowledge leaders that educate and give back to the community through workshops, meetups, blog posts, white papers and Github.   Our Data Scientists are constantly working on the latest machine learning algorithms in Spark MLlib, H20 and other libraries.



We have a highly experienced team of administrators, DevOps engineers, JVM programmers, technologists, data scientists and data engineers constantly working on best practices within clusters hands-on in our advanced lab.   They are constantly working on scaling, running, tuning and profiling various workload applications on big data clusters.    This knowledge is put into practice in real clusters, documentation and the best practiced distilled and applied to our clients.   We apply knowledge learned over years of focused cluster building in real-world Fortune 500 clients, startups, sandboxes and our in-house advanced lab cluster, “Organon”.   Our staff each have decades of experience with the latests tools and techniques to optimize your investments.   We follow the latest Big Data, Agile and DevOps practices.







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