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At our recent Scala + Spark SQL Workshop we have introduction workshops for Scala and Apache Spark.   A number of questions were brought up, I have summarized a lot of the answers here along with some additional resources.   The Scala presentation is here.  Additional materials from the meetup will be posted soon.   Check out both the NJ Hadoop / Big Data Meetup and the NJ Data Science Spark Meetupfor more great workshops and talks.

Github Resources 

Github Resources

Setup Resources

Download Scala 2.10.x

Download Apache Spark 1.6 (Prebuild with Hadoop)

Scala Install


Make sure you have the Java 7 or Java 8 SDK installed for your platform (Mac, Linux or Windows).   Then you’ll need to download Scala 2.10.x, SBT and then Spark.   I also recommend downloading Maven. See our article on DZONE about setting up a developer machine.

Solving Local Spark Issues

export SCALA_HOME=~/Downloads/scala-2.10.6

For Windows, use SET instead of EXPORT and and not :.

Training Resources


Learning Spark

Scala by Example by Odersky – most material is from or similar to material covered in both of his classes on Coursera.

Scala Overview by Odersky et al.

Programming in Scala, First Edition by Odersky.

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs A classic computer science text that teaches some advanced programming concepts using Lisp and the basis of Martin Odersky‘s coursera class. Formerly the MIT standard text on programming. View on Amazon

Scala for the Impatient

Programming Scala

A big list of Scala books linked at Scala-Lang

Learning Spark

Advanced Analytics with Spark

Spark Cookbook

Scala for Java Programmers
Scala Tutorial
Effective Scala (Twitter)
Scala Tour

Books at Lightbend (Typesafe)
AtomicScala (sample)

Scala Koans/Exercises
Scala Exercises
Scala Koans

Scala Roundup for Java Engineers
Scala Info at StackOverflow
Scala Cheetsheats
Scala Notes
Cake Solutions Blog
Scala School (Twitter)
Functional Programming in Scala
How to Learn Scala
Scala Lang Overviews
Learning Scala in Small Bites

Online Free Courses – Scala
Functional Programming with Scala
Reactive Programming with Scala

Online Free Courses – Spark
Big Data Analysis with Spark
Distributed Machine Learning with Spark
Introduction to Spark
Spark Fundamentals
Data Science / Engineering Spark

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