We can extract continuous insights from data in motion at the volume and velocity from ingestion of big data.   These insights can be aggregates or point in time that can be displayed in charts, graphs and real-time displays.  We have significant experience with real-time dashboards, charts and more fast business intelligence on-top of in-memory data stores and caches.

We have extensive experience with high speed ingest of various structured, semi-structured and unstructured data into HDFS, in memory data grids and various Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL datastores including HBase, Accumulo, Cassandra, Titan, S3, HDFS, Alluxio/Tachyon, NFS, MongoDB, Apache Geode, SnappyData, Redis and Apache Ignite.   We have worked with Apache Flume, Spring XD, Spring Cloud Data Flow, Hortonworks DataFlow, Apache NiFi and all the major big data ingestion frameworks.   Once ingested we work with all the major analytics, dashboard, html, charting, graphing, mapping and display tools such as Tableau and D3.

We follow a big data agile process for iteratively delivery you constantly enhanced analytics with improving features, content, insights and diverse data sources.  We are experience in all manners of streaming analytics from ingest to delivery.



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