Implementing a successful predictive analytics solution requires not only knowledge of one’s data and business rules, but also a flexible real-time processing platform. We’ll develop, iterate and deploy analytic models and applications to help you better understand your data and business. Also, as a critical step we will help you automate and operationalize the models in your environment. At airisData, we help our customers bring all of the critical components of a progressive analytic solution together by focusing on understanding of the data requirements and business rules, creating scalable real-time processing architecture,  utilizing our repeatable analytic model framework and using our efficient and iterative methodology for deploying models into the existing operational systems and processes.

Our team of Data Scientists uses a number of machine learning techniques including predictive analytics, modeling, group identification, and visualization to enable our clients to predict future outcomes, discover hidden insights, and drive business planning.

We can provide ultra modern visualization, restful data microservices and reporting services that will breathe new visual life into your business intelligence and data-driven applications.

We can help deliver comprehensive, multi-dimensional views of the latest insights to your interactive dashboard via the platform you choose, enhance your current reporting capabilities to include forecasting of future outcomes and trends,  and bring business insights to life with compelling visualizations.

citytopWe provide data strategy and architecture for the entire big data lifecycle from heterogenous data ingestion to visualization.   We perform capacity planning to give you the proper cluster size for your needs.  We deliver iterative and on time proof of concepts to solve your problems.

We lead joint Data Discovery Sessions to help you gain insights and knowledge from your existing data and help you combine them from heterogeneous sources.   We help you retain and leverage underutilized or forgotten data sources such as server logs, click streams and machine data.

We provide executive training  so that everyone understands the what, why and how you can benefit from your increasing data lake.

We engineer data products to meet your precise needs based on our reference applications and knowledge of your vertical.   We will develop, iterate and deploy analytic models and applications to help you better understand your data and business.   We will help you automate and operationalize these models into your production environments.

We provide the expertise necessary to define the strategy, architecture and the engineering required to build and deploy data products and accelerate your data pipelines.   We can provide documented functioning proof of concepts to get you on the right track.

We utilize the most advanced machine learning techniques to solve problems, enhance knowledge and provide advanced analytics for the decision making process.









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