Big data technology is revolutionizing how business operates and makes decisions. With the exponential growth, availability and volume of collected, stored and external data (including web, mobile, social and streaming data), business is challenged with determining how to efficiently correlate and use the data to provide greater insights and solve business problems.

Until recently, IT was constrained with processing limitations that prevented the processing of data at scale. Big data technologies provide new ways to ingest, process and visualize data at scale.

We service a number of industry verticals including Financial Services, Telecommunications, Media, Advertising, Retail, Healthcare and Utilities incorporating new technology.

At airisDATA, we develop a new wave of data applications to provide clients with deeper insights in areas such as anomaly detection (fraud, smart phone, network intrusion and revenue leakage), customer predictability (churn, retention, click stream analysis, sentiment analysis, etc.) and recommendation systems.

In Media, Cable and Retail, we provide solutions to improve the customer experience resulting in increased retention and reduced churn. By proactively collecting viewing and listening data from devices such as mobile, tablets and set top boxes we are able to improve recommendation engines leading to customer satisfaction and avoiding the confusion and frustration of having to muddle through the large amount of content.

Within Telecommunications, we provide solutions to improve network optimization, data monetization, log analytics, recommendation engines, streaming and real-time solutions. improve operational intelligence, network optimization, customer churn analysis, click stream analysis, fraud detection, recommendations, risk analysis, asset management and compliance.

Within financial services, we work with regulatory, compliance, fraud detection, risk management and VaR to provide better insights.

In healthcare, we incorporate machine learning augmenting the current rules engine to find and determine missing or erroneous billing.  

The following is a partial list of how and where airisDATA uses big data analytics to solve business problems:


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