We are a new breed of integrators that build data analytics and machine learning pipelines optimized for cost, scale, latency, security, performance, and reliability.

We are a growing team of data scientists, data engineers, data administrators and data architects with expertise in real time analytics, machine learning, and graph applications.

We are thought leaders in large scale data solutions built to integrate on-premise systems, cloud services, and open source technologies that help you meet your data-driven business needs.

We are a team of passionate data scientists and software engineering practitioners that are constantly learning by taking courses, reading, hosting meetups, leading workshops and attending big data conferences. By combining these disciplines with large-scale, open source information platforms, we create data science solutions that add to our clients’ bottom line.

datascienceOur Data Science group is focused on solving large scale data problems, finding hidden patterns in both structured and a wide variety of unstructured types of data (such as social media content, textual data, images, audio and video streaming), and using distributed and
massively parallel Big Data and Stream processing solutions, as well as high-performance GPU-accelerated computing concepts.  airisDATA focuses on the Spark ecosystem solutions and is certified in Spark and Hadoop distributions.


By applying recent state-of-the-art approaches and techniques in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our Data Science solutions enable near-human level understanding of the data, and help our clients stand out from the competition by minimizing their risks when making business-critical decisions.


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