We have a lot of exciting hands-on workshops and presentations coming to our two Meetups hosted at Princeton University and in Hamilton Township, Mercer County.   All four meetups are filling up at record pace and will be full soon.   Click right over to the Meetup sites to sign up.  If they are full, send us an email and we’ll see if there’s a cancellation.

Scala + Spark SQL Workshop by Rajiv Singla and Kristina Rogale Plazonic
Thursday, March 10, 2016:   to 3525 Quakerbridge Rd #1400 IBIS Office Plaza, Suite 1400,Hamilton Township, NJ


a) Scala and Spark
– Why the functional paradigm?
– Functional programming fundamentals
– A Program feature and Hands-on
(e.g functions, collections, pattern matching, implicits – speaker choice)
– Tie it back to Spark

b) Spark SQL
– Data frames and Data sets
– Logical and physical plan
– Hands-on Workshop (bring your laptop.   Download a VM with Apache Spark, Apache Spark Standalone or get a community version of Databricks).

Rajiv Singla – Data Engineer, airisDATA
Kristina Rogale Plazonic, Data Scientist, airisDATA


Workshop – How to Build Recommendation Engine using Spark 1.6 and HDP by Alex Zeltov (Hortonworks)
Thursday, March 17, 2016:  7:00 PM
Princeton University – Lewis Library Rm 122
Washington Road and Ivy Lane, Princeton, NJ 08544, Princeton, NJ


a) Hands-on – Build a Data analytics application using SPARK, Hortonworks, and Zeppelin. The session explains RDD concepts, DataFrames, sqlContext, use SparkSQL for working with DataFrames and explore graphical abilities of Zeppelin.

b) Follow along – Build a Recommendation Engine – This will show how to build a predictive analytics (MLlib) recommendation engine with scoring This will give a better understanding of architecture and coding in Spark for ML.

Hands-on session (pre-reqs) – Please download and come to the session

* Hortonworks Sandbox on a VM No data center, no cloud service and no internet connection needed! Full control of the environment. http://hortonworks.com/products/hortonworks-sandbox/#install

Speaker: Alex Zeltov (Sr. Solutions Engineer, Hortonworks)

SnappyData + Spark – In-memory OLTP and OLAP

Monday, Mar 28, 2016, 7:00 PM

NJ Hadoop – Big Data Meetup
3525 Quakerbridge Road, Suite 903 Hamilton, NJ 08619 Hamilton , NJ

2 Hadoop Attending

Check out this Meetup →


Machine learning – H20 hands-on workshop by Sergey Fogelson
Thursday, March 31, 2016: 7:00 PM
Princeton University – Lewis Library Rm 122, Washington Road and Ivy Lane, Princeton, NJ 08544, Princeton, NJ

a) Description of the Use Case
b) Machine learning algorithm(s) to solve the use case
c) Building a pipeline in H20

The sandbox details will be published soon with details on data set.

Speaker: Sergey Fogelson, Director Data Science, airisDATA 


Deep dive Avro and Parquet – Read Avro/Write Parquet using Kafka and Spark by Srinivas Daruna and Tim Spann
Tuesday April 5, 2016:  7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
3525 Quakerbridge Rd #1400 IBIS Office Plaza, Suite 1400,Hamilton Township, NJ


a) Avro and Parquet – When and Why to use which format?
b) Data modeling – Avro and Parquet schema
c) Workshop
– Read Avro input from Kafka
– Transform data in Spark
– Write data frame to Parquet
– Read back from Parquet


Timothy Spann – Sr. Solutions Architect, airisDATA
Srinivas Daruna – Data Engineer, airisDATA


For more information on our Meetups, check out our Meetups page.   For more information on our people giving these talks, check out our team.

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